Services and Merchandise

We are a complete full-service funeral home, providing guidance on all aspects and options of funeral services and merchandise. We provide virtually any choice you may desire, including traditional funeral services, cremation services, immediate dispositions, anatomical donations, and pre-need planning services. Our full-service funeral chapel is the largest in the area, with a convenient location and elegantly decorated.



Aurora 979 Cordova Bronze 20 Gauge Steel (Sealer) - Rosetan Tremaine Crepe $1,995

Aurora Fremont Solid Poplar - Rosetan Tremaine Crepe $2,395

Aurora Baron Silver 20 Gauge Steel (Non-Seal) - White Crepe $1,200

Batesville A60 Merlot 18 Gauge Steel (Sealer) - Champagne Sierra-Charpente $3,695

Batesville C51 Neopolitan Blue 18 Gauge Steel Monoseal - Light Blue Sovereign Velvet $3,595

Batesville U23 Onyx Stainless Steel Monoseal - Silver Sovereign Velvet $4,495

Aurora C.K. Jessup Monarch Blue/Silver 20 Gauge Steel (Sealer) - Blue Majestic Crepe $1,750

Aurora 645 C.K. Dennison Venetian Bronze 20 Ga. Steel (Sealer) - Vanilla Majestic Crepe $2,950

Virtually any casket can be obtained, and the casket manufacturers have websites available to view additional models.


Doric Athenian (Lined Concrete) $5,500

Doric Patrician (Lined Concrete) $3,700

Doric Tiara (Lined Concrete) $1,900

Doric Tiara (Lined Concrete) $1,900

Doric Titan Sealed Concrete Liner $1,600


Bronze Cube $195

Estate II Marble (Gray) $595

Etched Marble Fishing Scene (Green) $595

Handcrafted Solid Cherry $525

Handcrafted Solid Mahogany $525

Handcrafted Solid Oak $525

Handcrafted Solid Walnut $525

McKenzie Cultured Marble (Emerald) $395

Disclaimer of Warranties

Our funeral establishment makes no representations or warranties about the caskets or outer containers. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with goods sold with this funeral service are the express written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof.

No other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are extended. Effective Date: January 1, 2023 (Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)